Advanced toxicology solutions for your lab
Advanced drug identification to improve outcomes

Industry-leading technology delivers reliable precision and accuracy:

  • Drug-specific analysis by UPLC/MS/MS
  • Automated SPE methodology
  • Proprietary algorithms for targeted detection
  • CAP Proficiency scores consistently less than 1 S.D.I.
Premium testing options and services, optimizing utilization & cost efficiencies

Ever-expanding test menu to support your lab's needs:

  • Precise detection of emerging prescription and illicit drugs
  • Hundreds of drug-metabolite testing combinations available

Proprietary testing options at a reduced cost:

  • Reflex screen-confirmation analysis: fast, targeted drug-metabolite detection
  • Low-cost, multi-drug panels: effective baseline and random interval testing
  • Drug-metabolite groups: individual test(s) supporting clinician choice
Founded by physicians as a provider's COMPLETE toxicology resource
it's more than a result...

PremierTox is committed to serving our clients. Providing personalized toxicology resources and exclusive service and support

  • Consultative, toxicology education for providers and staff
  • Unsurpassed service and support in real time
  • Systems integration and real time support for EMR/LIS
  • Advanced custom reporting options to support individual provider and/or lab needs
The PremierTox difference
premium reference lab services at a reduced cost
Cutting-edge technology

Automated methodologies for incredible testing accuracy & precision

Extensive test menu

Covering a vast array of prescription and illicit drugs. Including individual drug(s) & group analysis


Rapid testing turn around time, including STAT testing for same day results*

Personalized service and support

Results interpretation assistance and toxicology expertise available in real time

*For most testing - from specimen receipt at our lab
Our Promise: clinically actionable information on possible illicit drug use or prescription therapy monitoring should not be cost-prohibitive to your lab
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